South Oakland County Model Railroad Club

The SOC has existed for 70 years in the Metro Detroit Area!

Located in metro Detroit, the South Oakland County Model Railroad Club, Inc. (SOC) maintains a 30 x 50 ft HO scale model railroad. The layout is based on the Grand Trunk Western Holly Subdivision from Detroit to Durand. Club activities consist of model railroad operations, scenary construction, clinics, model & prototype trips, and much more. Please learn more about SOC's layout and activities.

The SOC was formed in 1954 and is a Michigan 501c7 nonprofit corporation.  Space was obtained on the second floor of the Grand Trunk Western's Birmingham Station, and construction of the club's first layout started in the fall of that year.

After 24 years at that location, the Grand Trunk Western sold the station, which became a restaurant, and the club lost its layout room.  Development then started on the club's modular layout, one of the first HO modular designs, that predates today's standards. The modular layout has been displayed at a number of train shows and at Greenfield Village's Railroad Days event.

In 1982 space was obtained in the Baker Center, Clawson, a former elementary school. Construction of that layout began in early 1983.  Monthly visitor's nights were held and an Annual Holiday Open House was conducted for the public.  However, the location was needed for other purposes and the SOC had to vacate the Baker Center in 1997.

A former boiler room was located at the Madison Community Hospital and after lengthy renovation layout construction began. A change in hospital management occurred and notice was given to leave at the beginning of 2001.  Round robin meetings at members homes were held while searching for a new club room.

The present Hazel Park building was purchased at the beginning of 2002. The building underwent significant renovation and the current layout was designed and constructed over the next several years. Operations are performed using a Car-Card forwarding system. Motive power is DCC controled using Digitrax. A Dispatch Board utilizing JMRI software is in operation and most trackage is signaled. Operation using GTW Rules of Operation is in effect. Effort is made to be as accurate as possible.

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